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The designer


Madame P loves design, animals & exploring different cultural experiences through travels.

She studied in different applied arts schools,

then worked for nearly ten years in advertising agencies ranging from Montreal, to Paris .

​Matcha Paris is born form her will to go back to pure creation

and her interest for jewerly from a very young age.

Matcha jewels are made of vegan leather, resistant to stains and humidity. They are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The are designed by hand and made in Paris.



Taking action

As someone passionate about animal welfare, it was important for Madame P to create a quality brand of eco-friendly and most of all cruelty-free jewelry, because she strongly believes that we need change our consumption habits when it comes to animal-based leather.

Wearing vegan leather rather than animal-based leather is most of all an ecological choice.

Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry facing the planet today:

• CLIMATE CHANGE : 51% of the  global greenhouse emissions due to livestock and their byproduct (13%due to worldwide transportation industry car, train, plains)

• DEFORASTATION: Animal agriculture is reponsable for 91% of amazon destruction

• SPECIES EXTINCTION: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of sepcies destruction, ocean dead zones, water pollution

• LAND USE: 1/3 land is desertified due to livestock

• WASTE: The quantity of waste from a farm of 2500 cows equals the quantityof waste of a city of 411000 people.

• WATER USE: the meat & dairy industry use 1/3 of earth fresh water

And last of course, we don't kill any animals

More info in the great documentary produced by the (gorgeous ) Leo Di Caprio "COWPSIRACY".

Thanks !


Her BFF : Monsieur Patate

Monsieur Patate is a little French bulldog saved from

SPCA at age 9. He was looking for a comfortable bed to retire but no one wanted

to adopt him because of his age. He has been a constant

support to Madame P in her creation and design process.

Monsieur Patate loves zucchini, clementines and taking baths.

If you want to rescue your own version of Monsieur P, you can contact the Rescue Boule,

a French association in charge of helping French bulldogs find their forever homes.

Madame P

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