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Matcha Paris; the birth of an ethical and vegan fashion brand

I'm Anne-Sophie, designer of Matcha Paris, I want to tell you the story of my brand.

I launched Matcha Paris in 2016. After several years as an artistic director in advertising agencies, I wanted to start my own meaningful project, respectful of my values, which combines design and respect for the environment.

As a consumer, it was during this period that I became aware of the ecological issues that were looming. I have documented a lot on the field of fashion (if you haven't seen it yet, I recommend the documentary "The true cost") and animal wellness (another great documentary to watch "Cowspiracy" - on resources related to intensive livestock farming and "Earthlings" - if you are super brave - on breeding and slaughter conditions).

In the meantime, professionally, I went back to school to study jewelry and I quickly wanted to get started. The project was clear: to create contemporary, iconic jewelry, with up-cycled vegetable-based materials. In short, launching a modern brand aware of its impact on the planet.

I spent a lot of time sourcing cruelty-free alternatives to animal leather. I wanted to find eco-friendly vegan leathers, different from the petroleum-derived imitation leathers that were prevalent at the time. I finally opted for cork alter-leather from Portugal, Piñatex and up-cycled wood. I hope you will discover or rediscover these vegan materials while shopping on the e-shop!

I want to include Matcha in the movement of ethical fashion and it is thanks to your support that I can now continue to grow this personal project.

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