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What is vegan jewelry?

Vegan jewelry: being beautiful and ethical is possible :)

What does the term "vegan jewelry" really means ? In this article, we will talk about jewelry that respects animals and the planet. Ready to dive into the fabulous world of vegan jewelry?

Cruelty-free materials : Vegan jewelry is made with materials that do not come from animals. No more leather, pearls of animal origin, ivory, tortoise shell or fish-based glue (yes, for real!) Instead, I use vegetable alter-leathers: cork from Portugal (we don't cut the tree, we peel it), Piñatex (woven pineapple fibers recovered after the harvest) and grape alter-leather (for my handbags - see my news brand Bye Bye Monique), for the wood, I use recover scraps from carpenters!

Ethical and responsible manufacturing: My vegan jewelry goes beyond cruelty-free materials. I manufacture in my workshop, with materials chosen for their traceability and their environmental impact. I deliberately ruled out the suppliers of brass findings coming from Asia (the vast majority of what is available on the market and which supplies European jewelry brands) for the carbon footprint. As for the packaging, if you have already ordered from me you certainly know the little pyramid boxes I use. They are made in France and recyclable. I stamp them by hand. I try to do my best to have as little footprint as possible... Even on my website, I decided not to put video, because it takes more bandwidth and therefore more energy! But FYI, not all vegan brands push the eco-friendly approach that far :)

Expressing your values ​​through your jewelry: Wearing vegan jewelry is much more than a styling story… It's a way of showing the world that you care about animals and the environment. It's a statement of values, it's consciously choosing not to contribute to animal suffering and supporting responsible fashion, in my case, made by a designer in France. Basically, it's being a badass with style and heart!

Conclusion: Vegan jewelry is the perfect combination of beauty and ethics. By wearing them, you display your style with great values. With animal-free materials, ethical manufacturing, and diverse designs, my jewelry is a way to make a positive difference in the fashion industry. #madeinfrance #crueltyfree

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