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Anne-Sophie Peyre

Who am I?

The designer

Passionate about jewels and fashion since childhood, I started my career "fashion lover" career in my grandmother's jewels box, before discovering big fast-fashion malls as a teenager... In 2015, I watched "Cowspiracy" and "The True Cost" and found out about the ecological damage of fashion and leather industry... After the shock, I changed my consumption. I quit meat and fast fashion... and went back to school with the intention of leaving advertising, (my initial) job to start my own jewelry brand, promote eco-friendly alternatives to animal leather and local production in small quantities.

Matcha logo

Matcha Paris was born in 2016, with the desire to put creatioo lightbut also to also to be part of this movement of young designers who are working to profoundly transform the fashion industry, by promoting French manufacturing and using eco-responsible and ethical materials. Being an actor of change is essential for me today as a consumer but also as a brand. #ethicalfashion

bijoux français


Matcha jewels are made of vegan leathers :

- cork leather and Piñatex

- bamboo and up-cycled wood

The cork leather is made of trees shelled from their bark  every 9 years. As a result, these trees, which come from European forests with sustainability management programs in place, do not need to be cut or damaged. The tree releases an extra 30% oxygen thanks to this unique process.

The Piñatex is made of pineapple fibers collected during the pick-up process.​

This vegan leather has a unique touch. It is very soft, light and strong. It offers the possibility to create unique jewels,

and is a great alternative to animal leather. Thanks to this leather, your purchase will be ethical, eco-friendly and responsible.

Matcha started to use gold plated brass a few months ago.

The brass comes from Greece and is gold plated in France.

The jewels are designed by hand and constructed in Paris.


cruelty free
logo FSC
Made in france


Taking action
go vegan

It was very important for me to create a quality brand, environmentally conscious and cruelty-free.

The leather industry is terrible for the envionment.

Wearring vegan leather rather than animal leather is above all an ecological choice. Factory farming is a disaster for our environment:

  • It alone accounts for 18% of CO2 emissions worldwide (this is more than the aircraft-boat-car transport industry combined)

  • It is the first cause of deforestation and, in fact, of the extinction of species, because it takes space to cultivate cereals which are used to feed livestock.

  • It is also the first cause of pollution of the oceans and of dead zones.

  • In addition, 80% of the leather produced worldwide comes from countries that still use chromium in tanneries, another disaster for the environment and for workers in contact with such a toxic material.
    And finally, of course, we don't kill any animals.

    You can find more information on this subject in the documentary produced by Leonardo Di Caprio "Cowspiracy".


My BFF: Simone
english bulldog

Simone is a breeding female who was no longer "useful" for the breeder. She was looking for a comfortable bed for retirement and no one wanted her because of her old age. She contributes to the brand... by providing support: mainly moral (she's not the most dynamic trainee…) She likes zucchini, clementines and baths. If you also want to save a Simone, take a look at Second chance, there are thousands of pets to adopt!

Anne Sophie

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